Penelope Moseley

pennyMost days, I describe myself as a painter. I also like to do lamp-working or creating glass beads over a flame.  I throw a few pots on occasion and create artsy, functional garments.  I graduated from Hollins College, Roanoke, VA with a Master of Art in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Studio Art and have been teaching art for Wytheville Community College since 1999.

I like to think that I pour my heart and soul onto the canvas as I endeavor to depict my love of life and the beauty of the scenery around us. My friend from France, Suzanne Lignon, wrote to me describing what she saw in my work, “Your painting reflects your happiness; in being able to express your joy and admiration for those unspoiled rural areas; to convey the natural harmony of light, the air, the delicate nuances of the mountains. It’s like un couf de coeur as we say in French (a sudden and irresistible attraction). There is something so genuine and skillful at the same time, about it.”