Peggy Mabe




Born in the Appalachian Mountains in Carroll County back in the 1940’s, being taught how to quilt, embroider,  and crochet was part of your “upbringing”.  Quilts were made from fabric left over from making our dresses and blouses; nothing was wasted.  After college, I worked in the Dyeing and Finishing Department of Guilford Mills.  There I learned dyes, colors, color matching and finishing of cotton and almost all man-made fibers.  This comes in handy in selecting fabrics for my quilts.  They are all hand pieced and hand quilted; no sewing machines used.  After retiring from Guilford Mills, I moved back into the home where I was born.  Dr. Cox from Hillsville came to the house and delivered me in the room that is now my office.


It has been said that “You can never go home.”  I say “Oh yes you can.”  I am at home in the house that I was born in and  I am back in my mountains. You can take the girl out of the mountains but you can’t take the love of the mountains out of the girl.  A lot of my quilts are colors that reflect those mountains, purples, blues, pinks, and greens.  My quilts are happy quilts, happy colors, and happy patterns. Anyone who has one of these quilts will have a quilt made in the “old timey”  style, with a needle and thread, something to pass down to future generations as “how it used to be made, back before machines.”