Morris Schlesinger

schelingerMorrisAfter reading about the craft of wood turning in a magazine in the early ‘80’s, Morris Schlesinger bought himself a lathe and tools and began “giving wood a second chance” as he says.  Morris is one of a small group of wood turners in Virginia and of the less than 8,000 worldwide, from a craft that began in the Middle Ages.  And while Morris considers himself a technician rather than an artist, he has studied with some of the premiere wood turners in the world at various symposiums as well as week long classes at John C. Campbell Folk School.  As a retired U.S. Postal Service employee and Vietnam War veteran, Morris jumped at the chance to join the Freedom Pens Project, a nationwide effort to provide custom hand-crafted pens to American servicemen and women in Iraq. Morris’ contribution was 100 of the 20,000 pen goal.  Schlesinger also plants thousands of trees each year. He says, “Wood is grown for a reason, whether it is for houses, heating or bowls. This is a way to keep the cycle going.”